Corum Craft Your Dreams with Devotion

With his strong entrepreneurial spirit and watchmaking experience acquired from the most prestigious watch manufacturers, René Bannwart founded his own brand and created CORUM in 1955 with his uncle Gaston Ries. Particularly fascinated by the word “QUORUM” which means the minimum number of persons present and necessary to hold discussions and make valid decisions, René Bannwart nonetheless simplified the spelling to CORUM. Right from the time of its creation in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CORUM has sought not to bring about a revolution, but has instead displayed a determination to constantly evolve, positioning itself at the forefront of the Swiss watch industry. Creativity is at the heart of CORUM, and with that in mind, the brand always strikes a different path, approaching destinations where no one has gone, achieving heights that no one can attain. The emblem, a key pointing skywards, is a symbol of the mystery to be fathomed, the enigma to be resolved, of new territories to be explored, and of innovation. It also alludes to the inventiveness, tenacity and bold spirit required to attain the total mastery of time.

Staying true to its devotion to perpetuating the values and expertise of fine watchmaking, without having to profile itself conspicuously, CORUM has always been able to maintain its eminence and reputation among collectors and connoisseurs via its outstanding watch creations that never fail to interpret technical excellence and aesthetic perfection in a creative and daring manner. As a rooted and devoted member of the Swiss watch industry, CORUM maintains a close relationship with the locals by sourcing materials from suppliers within 50km radius of its manufactory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Correspondingly, CORUM’s micro-structure engineering, which is essential for developing complex mechanism such as the Golden Bridge baguette movement, is not only reputable in the horology community, but also an indispensable part of the local economy and culture. Bearing the top, the best and the most cutting-edge as its benchmark, CORUM has successfully made its marks on the history of fine watchmaking by creating a number of iconic collections: the Admiral collection that has been sailing the seas for more than 50 years, the Golden Bridge collection that has become the synonym of modernity and creativity, and the Heritage collection that has firmly established the brand’s fame worldwide. “CORUM – Craft Your Dreams with Devotion” is not only a slogan or a motto, but a state of mind. It is with the belief in complete devotion in striving for the best and never settle for less that CORUM has achieved what has been achieved within merely over 60 years.


October 03, 2017